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Easter eggs with chicks

Easter Holiday Collection

A pair of metal moving character bunny’s to make your whole family laugh!

Since we are all sitting at home these days, how about a few Easter Holiday items to brighten your spirit and provide a little joy to your loved ones?

The Gilded Spruce has the perfect collection of items for your home! Who doesn’t love to receive a package in the mail with something fun?

The Classic Antique Bunny!
Perfect addition to any little girls room or window sill. A little bling brightens the day!
An Easter Bunny on an Egg Hunt!
What’s Easter without a little candy- and a dish to put them in. Looks like the kids already hit this one!
Momma and baby looking for a home!
The Tale of Two Tall Bunny’s waiting for their new owners! Sturdy with soft fur!
If you live in a place where the flowers won’t be up for a while, we have tulips to color up any room!
Dance and be merry with these decorative pieces- one or the set!
Rocking bunny ready to make a move to your home!

This is just a sampling of what we have available in our store. If you see something that you like please give us a call and you can order by phone and we can ship it to you!

If you happen to live in town you can make an appointment to see the collection!

Call us at 970-476-5113

or Email Us

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