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Angels We Have Heard on High!

When we say High we mean at Altitude! Here is a sample of our Angel holiday collection. These are all currently available in the store. All items can be shipped. Nathalie is an excellent packer! If you have questions or would like to do a zoom, facetime, whatever, session to see these items please call Nathalie at the store at 970-476-5113.

Hard Carved, Wooden Nativity Set
Gorgeous Angels approx. 13 inches tall. Soft embellishments, Ivory & Pearl Flowing gown.
Hand crafted Angel, Porcelain Hands and Face, Gold & Green Dress
Hand Crafted, porcelain hands and face, silk gown, approx. 25 inches tall.

All these pieces shown are handcrafted one-of-a-kind Items if you see something you like please call us right away.

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